Inspiration: All can & will inspire.

The potential is present in everything: a word, the scent of warm wool, painted lines on a roadway, the tilt of a persons head, milk in ones cereal bowl.
You have to create inspiration, you have to search for it, design it; you have to want it. There must be a need to be dazzled, intrigued, overwhelmed, interested.
You have to take yourself on little crusades of curiosity and fulfillment.
You have to dig in the dirt to find it, you have to enjoy scratching through the surface, you have to sift the sand to find those things that many never see. Here lies the marvel of life.

The marvel is not in the luck of occurrence or the waiting to be hit over the head by surprise, but that which is found through your own personal search and thirsts for wonder.
And if you set about on this search, you will find that inspiration can be the beginning step of a path one cannot stray from.

And the most important step lies beyond inspiration, and that step is the process of creation. For it is there that lies salvation and ones definition as an artist and a human being.

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